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Michael Winter

principal/chief disruption officer

Michael brings over 20 years of experience advising and counseling some of the top F500 brands in media, marketing, digital transformation and innovation. Mr. Winter has worked for some of the worlds largest advertising agencies as-well-as innovative startups. Starting his first company at the age of 15, literally in a friends garage (selling surf and snowboards via mail catalog).

Michael has always been driven by the intersection of people, brands and technology and how to leverage insights, analytics and digital to enhance and transform the brand/consumer relationship.

Having led digital media practices, he has seen first hand the seismic transformation of choice and the emergence of the Attention Economy as new formats and platforms have emerged. This propelled him to reimagine the planning process and how brands should view their consumers through the prism of experience design and ecosystems.

Michael is relentless when it comes to solving problems. He is constantly asking "why?" and searching for insights and answers from every possible perspective. It is through that curiosity that he has helped solve and build strategies for start-ups and established brands; bringing a fresh perspective that matches a future state with the realities of today and providing a clear course of action how to get there.

He lives in Westchester County New York with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids, Dylan (girl) and Hudson (boy).