Services Overview

Todays modern enterprise is facing change at the speed of light - from disruptive business models and new market entrants, to an ever increasingly connected consumer living in a digitally powered ecosystem - to thrive one must be nimble and pragmatic.  Future Present Perfect offers a full suite of services to prepare your brand for the future. 


Communication Planning

Brands are living in the Attention Economy. The path-to-purchase has evolved past the classic linear funnel to a much more complex journey. Consumers are squarely in charge. Decisions can be made in a matter of clicks or seconds. The media ecosystem is an interrelated web of owned, paid, earned and networked platforms. Future Present Perfect constructs strategies that enable your brand to meaningfully connect with people.


Management Consulting

Change requires outside perspective and expertise. Future Present Perfect also believes real change must come from within. Which is why we embed ourselves inside your organization and work together to develop strategic roadmaps and transformation plans that reflect your culture and needs.  We look at opportunity from every angle, we listen and ask questions developing insights that uncover potential and we give you a competitive advantage.

Brand Marketing

Brands are multidimensional, beyond a simple collection of features and benefits, they need to communicate values and principles authentically and authoritatively. Brands must look inward at how to build experiences that consumers value and reflect back their own needs and aspirations. Future Present Perfect takes a consumer-centric, data informed and technologically driven approach to bringing brands to life.



Co.Lab is collaboration workshop, which brings you together with builders across all relevant disciplines to solve big problems together.   Our methodology hinges on three key components: participant selection, workshop facilitation and team leadership.  Our flexible framework is shaped to fit your needs. Future Present Perfect brings everyone together for a highly energized ideas frenzy that serves as a catalyst for break-through innovation.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
— Japanesse Proverb